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Last week, I was invited to Angers by Cointreau. We kicked off that trip with a beautiful dinner in the fabulous Château de Briottières, an XVIII’s century castle with open fields which has remained in the family for the last 7 generations.

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After a fantastic night spent in the castle, we visited the distillerie which was set up in 1849 by Adolph and Edouard Jean Cointreau. The production methods and recipe are a family secret of course, but tours of the facility are open to the public.

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 photo MARI0241_zps1bkwkwmu.jpg photo MARI0308_zpsiupuod2d.jpg photo MARI0319_zpsp3atlxg0.jpg photo MARI0328_zpstirfxpdp.jpg photo MARI0343_zpszk5m7is6.jpg

Cointreau is to me, the epitome of good taste: you immediately recognise its amber-tinted bottle. You can enjoy it pure or as en elegant cocktail.

 photo MARI0372_zps1ax0fsfv.jpg
 photo MARI0365_zpsy0rqjqym.jpg
 photo MARI0373_zpse1ys58ac.jpg
 photo MARI0379_zps9obj832x.jpg

After a lovely lunch, we got to learn how to make cocktails. Do you know that you actually find Cointreau in many of the most classic and famous cocktails? Think: Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Cointreau Fizz and so on. Cointreau is always to be found in the heart of cocktails.

Photographer: Marion Liétout



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