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 photo 3I9A2560_zpsyp0hesca.jpg

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Kenzo Parfums with a few other bloggers from Paris and London to attend the launch of L’Elixir in Brussels and celebrate the 15 years of Flower by Kenzo, a perfume I’ve loved and worn for a very long time.

 photo 3I9A2558_zpsionsnjmk.jpg

We got to explore the city after a delicious lunch, we stopped for Belgian chocolate and couldn’t stop talking about the famous waffles and fries. Girls work but never forget to eat!

 photo 3I9A2557_zpsbkohyhwo.jpg

The architecture in Brussels is absolutely breathtaking. If you haven’t visited the city yet I definitely recommend you to do it.

 photo 3I9A2572_zpsf8vdnzsx.jpg

Talented artist Jean Francois d’Or was invited to create a story around Flower by Kenzo and the poppies through different amazing installations. Absolutely breathtaking!

 photo Kenzo- copy Stanislas Liban-0323 - copie_zpsg3jyxxv4.jpg
 photo Kenzo- copy Stanislas Liban-0372 - copie_zpsy1em93k5.jpg
 photo Kenzo- copy Stanislas Liban-0402 - copie_zpslk4tvgiu.jpg
 photo Kenzo- copy Stanislas Liban-0311 - copie_zpsrohfwnwk.jpg

This special edition called L’Elixir celebrates the 15 years of Flower by Kenzo and “The Power of a Flower” is its new manifest. It tells the story of a militant and strong flower inspired by events which took place in October 1967 in Washington: a young girl took part in a protest march against the Vietnam war and offered a flower to armed soldiers. The image was captured by photographer Marc Riboud.

 photo Kenzo- copy Stanislas Liban-0301 - copie_zpswopfmuqb.jpg

Thank you Kenzo Parfums for this beautiful experience!

Photos by me and Stanislas Liban





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