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We are talking makeup today! Being a blogger means having your photo taken A LOT. So there are a few things to know to look better in photographs. Much better.

* Face powder:

A must-have as it removes shine and minimises imperfections. Your pictures will look more professional. I recommend MAC ‘Prep + Prime’ Transparent Pressed Finishing Powder. THE best! Used by most makeup artists.


Use concealer to cover dark circles, signs of fatigue or spots. I like the one from Clarins a lot. It’s easy to apply and I use it a lot during fashion week month!

* Bright lipstick:

It makes your skin look clearer and makes you pop out. I love this Chanel in red and this YSL in pink! What I want my lipstick to do? To give my lips a rich color and to moisturise them at the same time. I have very dry lips especially when I’m tired or when I travel so my lipsticks need to be hydrating as well as look good in my pictures!

* Eyelash curlers:

It will open up your eyes. No need to say that the one from Shu Uemura is the best on the market. A bit expensive but so worth it. I tried many others but not one is as good as this one. Easy to use, it also has a silicone pad to protect your lashes.

* Bronzing powder:

To use on your cheeks, forehead, here and there to give more relief to your face and to give you a glow. I swear by the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. A classic.

Is there any other product you would suggest? I would love to know!



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