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SOCIAL MEDIASocial Media is not a lie. It is if you make it a lie.

I guess you’ve all seen the video or heard about Essena O’Neill. The Instagram star decided to quit Social Media and released a video in which she explained why, a video that got thousands and thousands of views. She says feeling miserable, feeling the pressure to constantly edit her life online to make it look perfect, living in a lie.

I really wanted to share my opinion here about this drama. Essena, like young kids who get famous too young or too quickly ( she started sharing her life on Social Media at 12), couldn’t handle it. Deleting her social media accounts was a step in the right direction for her, but if she really wanted to quit, after she released this video explaining why she wanted to stop, well she should actually have disappeared from the online world. Girl, you don’t make a fuss about it releasing a second video in which you show how excited you got that your video has been viewed by so many people, you don’t launch a brand new website. This is either a way to promote herself or she’s definitely addicted and I hope her parents will take her phone and computer away. She’s planning interviews and media appearances … strange for someone who says she wants to live a real life outside the internet.

You decide to get paid for the content you produce on Social Media? This is a decision you make for yourself and that nobody else is pushing you to make. You want to spend hours taking the same picture again and again, this is up to you. You decide to photoshop your pictures to make other people envy your life or your body… this is your choice. You decided to live in a lie.

Of course there is money involved because producing content on Social Media is a job. Like any other job. What you decide to produce is up to you. I personally wouldn’t like to promote a life I don’t really have or to lie to my readers. Yes there is pressure and competition. But I honestly met the most amazing people through Social Media, it is a source of inspiration. You need to know how to produce content while enjoying your life outside of it. And when connecting with people online you just need to be able to connect with people in real life as well. Social Media is not wealthy only if your life online is replacing your life offline.

She got a point though. I remember this moment last Summer in LA, I was enjoying a beautiful sunset with great people and immediately thought “oh I need to Instagram this”. That’s when I realised that this could be an addiction. Social Media can become addictive. I decided to turn my phone off to enjoy this moment with my friends. And to not share this with the rest of the world. I wanted to keep this moment for myself. It is important to remember to put your phone down and connect with people. I notice people in bars and restaurants, everyone is on his phone and nobody is talking. Just remember to live the moment, to connect with the people who are there with you. Social Media allows you to connect with people everywhere in the world and that is amazing. Just don’t forget the people around you. Social Media allows you to share moments with people online, don’t forget to share those moments with the people who are surrounding you.

I work on the internet, I am trying to entertain my readers, to share my experiences with them, and to do this job, cause it’s my job. I just decide to do it honestly. And to keep some parts of my life for myself. To also enjoy little moments with the people around me.

Social Media isn’t a lie. Essena just choose to lie on Social Media.

What do you think about this whole story, I would love to hear your opinion as well.



  • Tijar Wonderland 8 novembre 2015 at 14 h 01 min

    Hi 🙂 Nice post and I completely agree with you, as i was thinking the same. She is obviously mentally weak person, and if it wasn’t for Social Media where she tired to self-assert, it would be something else. So it is not SM’s fault, but hers.


  • Sandra 8 novembre 2015 at 20 h 25 min

    Love your post Emilie! I totally agree with you! I think she was too young and too naive… she could have deleted her Instagram and bye.. she was just promoting her new website.
    I love pretty pictures, but I would never fake a picture or sit there for hours just to make it more special.

    Have a nice Sunday!
    xx Sandra



  • Emilie 9 novembre 2015 at 8 h 49 min

    Tu ne montres que ce que tu veux partager, et tu le fais avec honnêteté et sincérité! <3


  • Ofri Raban 9 novembre 2015 at 9 h 57 min

    I couldn’t agree with you more! you are so right!


  • Corie 10 novembre 2015 at 11 h 22 min

    Great post and I agree with everything you are stating. I love being part of the internet world but at the same time I know there are moments I have to be offline – it happened to be out with some girls for a “girly night out” that spent the entire commute to the bar taking pictures in the car, we got to the bar and started picturing the drinks, then it was the turn of some selfies, then posting online and choosing the right filter.. gosh.. they were totally absorbed by their mobile and I really wanted to enjoy the night but I cannot. People have to find a balance and not cross the limit – for the sake of their personal relationships!



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