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 photo rituals_zpsb8m7xtil.jpg

As you all may know by now, Fashion Week season can be hectic. And in the middle of this crazy roller coaster, it’s not easy to find the time to relax properly. We are always on the go, always connected, and letting go to find peace is a struggle.

I teamed up with Rituals to think about how to reconnect with myself, find my inner piece and get some me-time.

September is always a stressful month which kicks off with New York fashion week, followed by London, Milan and Paris. To relax, I like to come home between my travels, unpack, pack again, and take some time for myself. I like to take care of my skin, my body, rest, reenergise.

These small me-time moments like moisturising, getting a bath or a mask, help me relax, charge my batteries and get energy for what’s coming up next.

I think it’s important to take care of your skin and yourself in general. So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products that I like to use when pampering myself.

Honey Touch is one of my favourite body creams: it’s rich so it moisturises well, leaving my skin feeling extremely soft. It smells honey and rose which has an effect on body and mind. Very relaxing.

 photo 3I9A8722_zpsg9etaj7b.jpg

I like the Sensational Soft Cleanser as it is soap free which is perfect for sensitive skin. And my skin gets very sensitive with all the travels, the stress from running from a show to a meeting… and the shootings. I also like that the gel melts into an oil on the skin and then changes into a cleansing lotion. It is very effective and smells delicious.

 photo rituals 9_zpslnmxkxpf.jpg

 photo rituals 7_zpszvhjofq4.jpg

Then after cleansing my skin I will use the Ultra Calming Facial Toner which is without alcohol, it has calming botanical extracts which softens my skin.

 photo rituals 1_zpsozydk2yw.jpg

 photo rituals 8_zpsa0j7vyxs.jpg

Last but not least, the make up and air conditioning in airplanes or studios tend to really dry my lips so I found the perfect lip balm: Lip Service repairs and moisturises my lips with almond oil and shea butter.

 photo rituals 6_zpsac4jia4j.jpg

Also, Rituals has developed a fantastic app for smartphones which allows you to get inspiration for body and soul at any time of the day, through inspirational quotes, meditation and relaxing yoga exercices that you can easily do at home, and basically presents you different articles to inspire you to live an healthy and zen life. The app helps you meditate, relax and focus.

 photo 3I9A8942_zpsc480dmnd.jpg

After that, I’ll just grab a cup of tea and read some magazines, a good book or I will catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix.

 photo rituals 10_zpsdsmjksbz.jpg




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