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My workout routine

Who knew I would one day write an article about fitness. But it has become a passion of mine which I wanted to share with you. 
You have noticed I started workout a lot over the last 6 months. 
I never liked running. Never wanted to go to a gym. I was always skinny so I just never thought I needed it. Then I turned 30 and I thought… well I want my body to stay toned. To be stronger.
Because you can wear as much makeup as you want, you can buy the most expensive clothes and get yourself the latest it-bag… this is all decoration. It’s like decorating a tree. You can buy the best Christmas decoration… you still need a good tree. So see your body as this tree. You want it to be strong and healthy and beautiful before you even start decorating it.
I started exercising about 6 months ago ( for the first time in my life I must admit). People say consistency is the key. Well let me tell you they are right. Because you only need less than a month to see the results. And that is the best motivation. You keep going. And as you see your body getting sculpted and more toned, you start loving working out.

So this is how I workout.
To be honest, the prospect of an entire hour of treadmill or weights doesn’t excite me much. So I split my workout in 4 categories of 15mn each which really helps. 15mn dedicated to my arms – 15 mn for my butt – 15mn for my legs – 15mn for my abs. I use small weights as I don’t want to get big muscles, I want a toned and sculpted body. So I work out with 2kg weights max. I like to go boxing too as this is the best sport to loose weight,  it is a great exercise for the entire body and it is cardio. And I always finish with 4 sets of 1mn planks. 
I don’t like to go to the gym in the evening. And let’s be honest, most of the time when this is what you plan… you fail going as too many opportunities come your way: dinner with friends, a new movie to watch at the cinema, a date… So I workout in the morning from 11 to 12. I wake up at 8, check my emails, work on my computer for a bit and head to the gym to start my workout at 11. After that I go home at 12, I take a shower, make a healthy lunch ( easier to eat healthy during your day after a workout cause you feel guilty having a burger after exercising haha). This way I am back at my desk by 3pm. It is all about getting started. Let me tell you that even when I don’t feel like working out ( but that doesn’t happen much) I start with my arms and the 15mn go by so fast that I just want to keep on going, I feel good and energized, and by the time I realize it my workout is done. 
I work out every other day. It is good to have a day off in between your workouts so your body can relax.
If there is one advice I could give you it would be this one: be consistent. Fitness is a lifestyle not an obligation. Give it a try and you will love your body, you will quickly feel more confident and happier.

I also eat more healthy now as I see my body like a car that needs good fuel to work. What you put in your body is correlated to how you feel, how you sleep… My meals are made from protein ( usually chicken, salmon or shrimps) and one choice of vegetables ( I like avocados, sweet potatoes, spinach, zucchini…). And I indulge during weekends. If you don’t indulge you won’t be able to sustain good habits. It’s called balanced. So yes I will eat pizza and pasta on weekends! 
One more thing: water. DRINK A LOT OF IT.

I hope this article inspires you in some way. Only a few weeks before Summer… let’s get this bikini body!


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