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 photo 3I9A3605_zpsb0nhe8bn.jpg

Friday. This is what I wore to attend the Isabel Marant show: a simple white blouse with this new Topshop skirt, the cutest bag ever which I found on Asos and Chiara Ferragni glitter heels: thank you babe for sending them to me right in time for fashion week in Paris!

 photo 3I9A3562_zps4m2uzt42.jpg
 photo 3I9A3557_zps09aifr7s.jpg
 photo 3I9A3542_zpsdtwijnpg.jpg
 photo 3I9A3537_zpspkolnlog.jpg

After the Isabel Marant show ( you can see the video of the finale on my Instagram account), I attended the Filles A Papa presentation and cocktail which I loved: big grunge vibe and lots of sequins! Shall I also mention the awesome cocktails by Cointreau?

 photo 3I9A4309_zps9pkd7fbj.jpg photo 3I9A4300_zps5edq6f26.jpg
 photo 3I9A4299_zpsq6uluyi0.jpg
 photo 3I9A4302_zps0e9mei2f.jpg
 photo 3I9A4304_zpssmgawxgz.jpg
 photo 3I9A4306_zpsps2sx2em.jpg

How cool is that tee paired with these awesome sequins!

 photo 3I9A4310_zpsfymoxal3.jpg

And a little cookie from the Olympus PEN fashion gallery party! Yummy!

 photo 3I9A4316_zpsfnitrc9g.jpg

More coming up so stay tuned!

Blouse: agnès b.
Skirt: Topshop
Heels: Chiara Ferragni
Bag: Asos



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