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Hey guys! So I was in Disneyland last weekend and I thought it would be nice to share with you what I like to do when going there and what my favorite attractions are!

 photo IMG_5498_zps2ctih68e.jpg

I always feel like a little girl in Fantasyland and love doing Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Nothing too scary, it’s just so nice to hang out in one of my favorite Disney movies surrounded by its crazy characters!

 photo IMG_5503_zpsxyvm0dfl.jpg
 photo IMG_5504_zpstz2uhqvi.jpg
 photo IMG_5505_zpsuhqonw62.jpg

Then I love crossing the bridge of Adventure Isle to get to Indiana Jones, this one gets scary, and Blue Lagoon, my favorite place to eat in the park.

 photo IMG_5502_zpsnsbq8kxs.jpg
 photo IMG_5501_zpsuhjx6f3m.jpg

Disneyland wouldn’t be the same without hot and fresh pop corn. The best!

 photo IMG_5499_zpsnpuqktwm.jpg
 photo IMG_5508_zpsfwcs2uzg.jpg

I also visited the Walt Disney Studios Park. I did the Hollywood Tower Hotel which is definitely the scariest attraction of the park. I thought I was going to cry but it was so good!

 photo IMG_5507_zpsl1lfengz.jpg
 photo IMG_5506_zpsbueifk0e.jpg

What are your favorite attractions from the park?

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