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What Fashion Week season is REALLY like

That time of the year is over and I won’t be attending fashion shows until next season in September, starting with New York Fashion Week. Then London, Milan and Paris. I always receive tons of messages about it and I’ve noticed that you are all very curious about how it all works. So I decided to answer the main questions I have received last month.

Is Fashion Week the best part of your job? It sounds like so much fun!

As explained before, fashion week isn’t just about going to shows and attending fabulous parties. There is a lot of work and preparation behind all that. My first fashion week was everything I dreamed of and more, and I created memories I’ll never forget. I got lucky enough to see the Chanel show during my first fashion week and back then, there was no work involved. It was a totally different time. Things have changed. Fashion Week season is important as we get to network a lot, we get a lot of trafic on our IG accounts so it is interesting for brands to collaborate with us and create content. So it is an opportunity for us to set up collaborations… which means yes we will be attending shows and events and that’s fun, but we will be working as lot creating content with brands we have decided to partner with. So to be honest it’s exhausting- you wake up at 6am to get ready, have about 3 outfit changes per day, you are taxing around the city to make it to the shows/meetings/events on time, all while shooting content, sending photos and captions for validations, answering emails, setting up more collaborations… Before you know it, it’s midnight and you realise you forgot to eat.

How do you get invited to fashion shows?

To answer the most asked question, it’s your network ( having a good network makes all the difference in this industry) or the popularity and size of your IG account that determines the shows you can get into – this is why you see all the biggest influencers attending the most exclusive shows. I want to add that attending shows all day is exhausting, I used to go to all the shows I was invited to, now I only attend the shows from brands I want to support cause we work together or brands I truly like.

Why do you attend Fashion Week every year?

It’s not just about sitting on the front row and looking at the new collections on the catwalk. Fashion Week is the place to meet new people and make new contacts for future work. You get to network with people in the industry, build relationships with brands and get the opportunity to work on projects with them.

What’s your favorite Fashion Week?

It’s a difficult question as they are all so different and interesting at the same time. I love New York Fashion Week because I love New York city. NY is one of my favorite cities in the world so it is a good excuse to plan a trip there hehe. Also it is very international so it’s a good opportunity to meet people from everywhere in the world and get international contracts. It’s the first one on the calendar too so a great way to start the season. Then, I love Paris Fashion Week because it’s my city, my home, it also showcases the most prestigious shows ( Chanel, Dior, LV, Balmain, Céline…). I really enjoy London Fashion Week because I am invited by the British Fashion Council so they host me at the Mayfair hotel, we have a driver and get to attend all the shows. It is a busy one. Regarding Milan Fashion Week, it has beautiful shows indeed ( Prada, Gucci…) but I am not a huge fan of the city and everything is so spread out it is difficult to get around, you are always late everywhere… so I only go if I have a contact that requires me to be there.

I hope I answered your most asked questions, you can ask me more in the comment section below or by DM on IG, and I will be happy to answer you!


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