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BEST OF 2014

 photo 3I9A9985_zps8f860d9c.jpg

At the end of each year, just like everyone else, I like to look back at everything that has happened. I spent yesterday browsing through all the articles I published in 2014 ( yes…ALL of them!) and felt so happy about all the experiences I had the chance to live. I thought it would be nice that we look at some pictures to remember moments I cherish. I’m extremely grateful for the support of my readers, I hope you enjoy this blog and I promise you to give you more next year! Cheers to a new year and fabulous adventures to live together!

Let’s start with pictures taken this Summer during that amazing road trip that took me from Los Angeles to San Francisco, through Palm Springs, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara… What an adventure!

 photo MONICA2_zps708d53aa.jpg
 photo 3I9A3636_zpsf7337e30.jpg photo MONICA1_zpsd5c4b067.jpg
 photo 3I9A3821_zps846733ff.jpg photo SF20_zpsb227cd3b.jpg
 photo SF14_zps02c8578c.jpg
 photo VEGAS16_zpsda7a0cce.jpg
 photo VEGAS10_zps91a45beb.jpg photo 3I9A3969_zps6a280ac9.jpg photo 3I9A3982_zpsc1af4b4f.jpg photo 3I9A3769_zps8bfeecc7.jpg photo 3I9A4019_zps8bca1f3d.jpg photo 3I9A3126_zps2c289ec0.jpg photo 3I9A3519_zps6b0257bc.jpg
 photo 3I9A3477_zps24f7d6f0.jpg
 photo 3I9A2887_zps18a361cd.jpg photo 3I9A3923_zps374ac2f6.jpg photo HANDSOME12_zps734d521a.jpg

I travelled a lot this year and I’m planning on travelling even more in 2015. I’m so happy to share my life between different cities including Paris where I always enjoy coming back.

 photo 3I9A8431_zps38d5fb43.jpg

Covering fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris for the Spring Summer and the Fall Winter collection and being able to call it my job always gives me goosebumps. I’m already looking forward to the next one in February!

 photo 3I9A5395_zpsdafe06a2.jpg photo 3I9A5263_zps7ffb72af.jpg photo 3I9A6401_zps272feafc.jpg

I was lucky to spend a week every two months in New York for fashion events but also pleasure. I feel home every time I come back to the big apple.

 photo 3I9A5475_zps658605d2.jpg photo 3I9A4914_zps825ecf2f.jpg photo 3I9A5208_zpsc08b30f2.jpg photo 3I9A4793_zpsf4b42eb9.jpg photo 3I9A0450_zpsef502f0c.jpg photo 3I9A4739_zps67869041.jpg

Sharing with you my looks and talking about style and trends here on the blog is something I love. I’ve collaborated with many brands I admire this year and I’m already looking forward to more collaborations in 2015. I also want to publish more videos here so stay tuned for that!

 photo 3I9A7470_zps76068135.jpg photo 3I9A4449_zps9bc4cf73.jpg photo 3I9A4485_zps2e05443f.jpg photo 3I9A7693_zpsbc085fd1.jpg photo 3I9A4509_zps999bd800.jpg photo 3I9A2522_zps37215382.jpg

I started giving Blogging Classes at House 17 in Luxembourg. I truly enjoy meeting my readers every month, sharing my experience and talking about blog strategy, social media, photography… Next class is happening last week of January and I can’t wait! Also, I’m super excited to announce you that I will give Blogging Classes in Paris too starting 2015!

 photo 3I9A8800_zps338fa4fb.jpg

Disneyland during Christmas season… yes I did it! Always feel like a child when seeing Mickey!

 photo 3I9A9430_zpsdc5541e0.jpg

I always enjoy attending events and meeting up with other bloggers from different parts of the world: we share the same passion and it’s fun to think that my closest friends now are bloggers I met through fashion events!

 photo IMG_0190_zps1407a617.jpg photo _MG_8375-Edit2_zpsee47a67e.jpg photo 3I9A5428_zps5b8731b0.jpg photo 3I9A0047_zpsf7f97a87.jpg photo 3I9A6411_zpsd00429bf.jpg photo 20140302-WDL_4374_zps42b18331.jpg
 photo 3I9A6701_zps012f9824.jpg
 photo IMG_5285_zps7c874e63.jpg

After my very first photo exhibition in New York in November 2013 about the power of blogging in the fashion industry, I organised a photo exhibition in Paris, in Luxembourg and in Brussels. It was amazing talking about the influence of bloggers with people from the art industry, the medias, readers… More exhibitions will follow!

 photo 3I9A1320_zps8db6455e.jpg photo 3I9A1280_zpsb45e9714.jpg photo 3I9A1242_zps5a4b929b.jpg

Happy New Year and thank you for reading My Little Fashion Diary! Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

 photo 3I9A0473_zps33f1ebac.jpg



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